Charitable Partnership

FRANE’s Charitable Partnership / Reciprocal Program

The partner companies listed below have agreed to make a donation to the FRANE charitable initiatives (such as scholarships, Food Bank programs, etc.) if a FRANE member utilizes their services and mentions that they are a FRANE member!

Participation in this newly created program is awarded to companies that have positively served the membership of FRANE throughout the years. These companies demonstrate outstanding customer service and offer value in addition to making a commitment to support our charitable initiatives. Basically, it provides our partner companies with the opportunity to serve our membership in individual, corporate or personal programs. Our members simply click on the partner links to see additional information. If our FRANE member makes the decision to utilize the services of the partner company, that partner company will make a donation to the FRANE charitable initiatives – it’s that simple!

This program is not a traditional discount program and, although savings may result, this program or FRANE does not imply savings are guaranteed. It is simply a way for us to “recommend” specific partners to our membership and build our charitable giving programs. This is unique to our Associations, and we believe, to the industry. However, it falls in line with our core principles of giving back to the members we serve as well as adding business value.

So check out our participating partners, click on their link to visit their website. Don’t forget to mention FRANE when discussion your opportunities!

Category: Event Planning

Conference Hotels Unlimited
Contact: Donna Wikstrand, CMP
Conference Hotels Unlimited is a can-do team of hotel and meeting experts committed to helping clients reduce workloads, save time, control costs, and limit liability. Since 1979, the company has facilitated thousands of successful events — from executive planning sessions, to national sales meetings, to international conferences.

Their cost free services include:
• Site sourcing
• Contract negotiations and management
• Meeting consultation and resources

Please contact our office with any questions at 203-597-7215. Thank you!

Posted on May 10, 2011 at 12:21 am

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